Full Grooming Includes:

Styled cut, warm bubble bath, nails, ear plucking/cleaning, spritz of cologne, bows/bandana.

Grooming Prices

Please note these are starting prices and may vary depending on condition of coat.

Small breeds $45 and up

Med breeds $ 60 and up

Ala Carte Prices

Nails $15

Anal Glands $15 

Teeth Brushing $10

Mini Groom $25 Nails, ears, pads, face trim(no bath)

While you dog is in my care, he is not only groomed but is also given a mini health check up. Please note, your dog should be seen by a vet for regular health check ups.
I can let you know if you dog has ear issues, skin infections, eyes issues, any potential dental problems, fleas, ticks, lumps/cysts that you may or may not be aware of. 

We are a full-service grooming boutique with one on one TLC for your best friend